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The formation of coal took place through burial of ancient vegetation. The coal seams had their origin in extensive peat-bogs, which supported dense vegetation for a time and were then covered by silts and muds, when subsidence and inundation took place. The swamps (marshes) supported vegetation, which from time to time was submerged and covered with mud and sands.

Dense forests flourished for a time in favorable climate and were then buried by in coming sediments as a result of submergence. This happened many times as submergence occurred intermittently. The layers of vegetation became compressed under the weight of overlying sediments and were thus preserved to become ultimately the coal seam of the present day. Plant remains are found in them and insect life was abundant.

Coal is divided into four categories with respect to their increasing qualities for use. Four Types of coal are Peat, Lignite, Bituminous and Anthracite.

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